Business Strategy Tip: What Should You Name Your Business?

Major brands have sometimes changed their doing-business-as name to keep up with modern trends. Is it time for your company to do the same?

In the case of new businesses, it’s not even a question. When selecting a business name, it’s important to think about changes in the era of e-commerce. Even some established companies may want to consider going the route of a partial name change for the sake of online business strategy.

Why Does a Short Business Name Matter?

In the past, the main factors for naming your business were having something that customers could remember and that identified your brand. There was nothing particularly problematic with longer names as long as they achieved their purpose and looked good on products.

Over the last few decades, many brands have slowly been shifting to shorter, punchier business names. These are frequently easier for customers to remember, and they have a modern quality compared to more traditional names. 

Now, in the era of the internet and online shopping, choosing a streamlined, memorable name has become even more important. Think of GQ, BK, KFC, Apple and similar brands that have adopted a shorter name. Unique brand names and colorful logos stand out.

How Can You Improve Brand Strategy for Online Marketing?

Shorter business names are generally more effective. For one thing, more people than ever before are using mobile devices to access the internet. Long brand names and huge, complex logos don’t translate well to these smaller devices. Also, most mobile users navigate the internet on a vertical screen.

Clear Fonts

How can you improve the appearance of your brand name for mobile? One, keep it short. Two, use a font that is powerful but easy to read and recognize. It’s not a good time for wavy, complicated fonts that customers have to struggle to understand.

Easy-To-Pronounce Names

Another thing to watch out for are names that are pronounced strangely. Try to choose a name that is pronounced exactly the way you write it. That way, when customers are using voice searches or voice assistants such as Siri, they won’t have problems locating your business.

Simple Domain Names

A final reason why short and sweet names win these days is because of your company’s internet address, or domain name. A short domain name is easier to remember and type. That’s why American Airlines has emphasized AA in many areas of its website instead of spelling out the whole name.