Purchase Order Financing

Keep You Business Running at Full Capacity With Purchase Order Financing

If your business entails the production of finished goods either domestically or overseas, it is likely you occasionally find yourself in need of fast and convenient capital to fill orders or market with suppliers. It can be challenging to obtain traditional loans for these purposes. Vantage Point Commercial Capital, LLC can provide an alternative method of cash flow through purchase order financing.

Who Can Benefit From Purchase Order Financing

Any production company that takes in and fulfills customer orders can take advantage of P.O. financing. Whether you are a provider of finished goods or a wholesaler who provides components to other companies, this form of financing is available to you.

If you specialize in seasonal products, purchase order financing can give you the capital you require to run your business while you wait for customers to pay their invoices. Even companies that have struggled with cash flow in the past can qualify for financing to build and maintain the momentum they need to recover and succeed.

What You Can Achieve With Purchase Order Financing

Businesses such as yours need quick financing for a variety of purposes such as these:

  • Filling seasonal orders
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to accept large orders
  • Funding urgent inventory needs
  • Fulfilling payroll obligations
  • Repairing or upgrading critical machinery

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