About Us

Who Do We Serve?

We serve a community of people that are first and foremost, entrepreneurs. The men and women that have had a dream, and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, who are the foundation of what makes this country great. That have flown in the face of conventional wisdom and pursued their version of living against the odds and against the wishes of many – including sometimes friends and family. And yet they’re always moving forward toward the dream. They take the risks and go after it because they have a spirit of independence and they’re not victims. They’re victors that cast that off. And they habitually move in the face of fear to the point that they become almost fearless. And they pursue excellence at every turn.

These people are much maligned and misunderstood by the world. When failing they are patronized, when succeeding excused as lucky. But even so, they use their success to be benefactors to mankind. And faith is their driving force. Faith in themselves, this country, and in many cases faith in God.

We provide the custom funding solutions that fuel the businesses and dreams of these entrepreneurs.